martes, 17 de junio de 2014

I'll live

Yigal Ozeri
'Priscilla in Ecstasy'

Well, I’ll live.
I’ll live in the smile of every teenage girl
on their full raspberry lips
on their freckles.

I’ll live wrapped around the bony wrists of men
In their smell
In their bare feet
In their collarbones.

I’ll live in the humid earth, in the grass, in the roots
In the rotten corpses of birds that once crossed the skies.
I’ll breath through the gills of fish.
I’ll be devoured and born again.

I’ll walk this land ten thousand times.
I’ll cry again and laugh.
I’ll swim naked
I’ll make love.
I’ll stay up all night just to feel the moon.  

I’ll be hot and cold.
I’ll starve and eat till I feel sick.
I’ll kiss again and again until I can’t feel my lips anymore.
Until they bleed.

I’ll bleed.

I’ll stare at flowers until my eyes hurt.
I’ll love until my soul comes in ecstatic shouting, and then I’ll love again.

And I’ll live in you
Darling reader.
I’ll live in you as well, from now on.
For my words are nothing but a vessel for my lust.
And so, I have stood naked in front of you
And so, I have loved you.  

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